We're all about capturing those moments that will last a lifetime. Photos and videos that will never go out style and will still look good in 10, 15,  30 years later! We love adventuring with our couples, picking out those perfect places together and putting together the best day that really reflects who you guys are as a couple.

We are up for any kind of grand adventure, whether it's getting down and dirty in the sand at some epic beach or hiking up a mountain at sunrise. We are here for all of it! We take time with each couple to get to know them, so it feels like we are BFFs even before we start shooting!  

 WHat's it like working with us? Look no further. 

Here’s the juicy details you came for

You care more about how your wedding day feels than looks.
Your favorite thing to do is run your toes through the sand.
Hair gets messed up by the wind? and you don't mind.
You have a bucket list of places in the world you wanna explore.
You’d consider yourself a "go with the flow" kind of person.
You love going on adventures.
Your dress gets dirt on it, and you shrug, and keep having fun.
You always have room for ice cream! like Always.
You LIVE for the feeling of sunshine on your skin & wind in your hair.
You’re already screaming "YASSSS WHERE DO I BOOK YOU?"

you might be our client if

You Might Be our Client If:


"Tiffany made me feel great and very confident during my session! Her personality makes me feel extra special and taken care of during my session, It seriously makes all the difference. And, of course, the uplifting attitude. You need to BOOK HER!! She has such a wonderful personality, AND her pictures are amazing. She really catches those real "smile and laugh" moments." ASHLEY

I'm booked, what happens now

Short answer: we start planning!!!! But to expand on that, we will work together to first pick out the perfect place to plan your elopement. We will take some time to think about the place that you guys are imagining for your day. From there we will set a date!

We will discuss time of day. Do you want family and friends to be a part of your day? Do you want your fur babies there? All of that fun snazzy stuff! That will give us a good platform to start from. From there we will work together the whole time to make this the perfect day!  

Where are you located?

EVERYWHERE!!! We are always traveling and up for traveling anywhere around the world. We're here for it ALL! 

How Many Images Are Included?

The number of images receive depends on which package you choose. On average, for an 8-hour day, you can expect to get at least 400 images.

Do You Give Out Unedited Photos?

Short answer: no. Ha ha. Let me explain. One of the reasons you hire me is because you love my style, and that includes my editing style. 

How Does Payment Work?

I try to keep it all super simple. I only require a 50% non-refundable retainer at the time of signing to lock in your date. After that, payment in full needs to be completed 30 days prior to your big day!

How Do I Book You?

Super easy! All you have to do is fill out one of my contact forms under "Book Us". That will get the ball rolling. After that I'll get in contact with you within 48 hours! 

What Happens If You Can’t Be At Our Wedding?

Let me start off by saying that I will be at your wedding unless there is an emergency or death. If this would happen, I would get in contact with you right away and see what you would want to do at this point. We have a couple different options, so not to worry! 

What If We Cancel/Reschedule Our Date?

If you cancel or reschedule the date, we have a couple different options. If you want to reschedule, there may be a rescheduling fee. If cancel your date, the 50% non-refundable retainer is forfeited, as are any monies paid up to that point. 

How Long Have You Been A Photographer?

Feels like always! But I started shooting professionally back in 2018. Even though I have been shooting for a while, I take my education serious and I am constantly working on myself and my skill. 

Will You Photoshop Us?

No. I strongly believe that each and every one of us is born as a beautiful creation. The way that you are created is your most beautiful self and I do not want to change that. 
Now, with saying all that, I will Photoshop out little marks or scuffs that would heal within two weeks. 

What Happens If The Weather Is Bad?

If the weather is unsafe, then we can totally reschedule. If there is rain in the forecast, let's play it by ear! If it clears off,  let's make some magic! But if it rains the whole day, we can either shoot in the rain (if that is something that you would want) or we can brainstorm together to figure something out. 

What Do We Wear To Our Photoshoot?

Girl, I got you!!  Once you book with me I will send over a special board that has all the outfit ideas that you would need.

Do You Offer Discounts?

I take pride in my education and my gear. I make sure that all of my gear is up-to-date, clean, and ready for our shoot. And I am constantly taking time to keep learning and expanding my education. My pricing reflects my experience and the dedication I take to run my business. So, I do not offer discounts. 

What Is Your Turnaround?

For a couple's session: three weeks from our shoot date.
For a wedding session: 6-8 weeks from wedding day.

How Does Travel Expenses Work?

Travel expenses are included in the elopement  package price. Included in travel expenses would be flights, lodging, food, a rental car, and gas. If it is a wedding in Ohio, travel will be different. Please reach out for that!I would love to get on a call with you and plan something!! 

Do You Help In The Planning Process?

YES!!! We are both here for you!!! I will help you along the way, as much as you need it or to as little as you need it. I am in your corner and here to help!! 

Do You Photograph Families, couples Etc.?

I do on occasion!!! This is usually seasonal. If you want more information about families, or another kind of shoot, just fill out my contact form on my BOOK ME page. I will get back to you!

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