Who knew that you could meet the love of your life in high school also while working at Wendy’s a fast food restaurant?Well that is exactly what happened with Ashley and Joseph. While Ashley was only a junior in high school she got an after school job at Wendy’s and thought nothing more of it. In walks Joseph, catching her eye immediately. But since she was in high school and playing sports, she had really no hours to work, meaning no time to get Joseph to notice Ashley as someone that he would want to date. A year later disaster struck and Ashley tore her ACL, which meant no more soft ball. But what it did mean was more hours that she could now work and get Joseph to take interest in her. It didn’t take much time after that, with them working side by side to know each other better and fall in love. Que awwws!! 

After one baby and many years of making memories together, Joseph finally popped the question at Disney!!! With their one son, both sets of parents, and their siblings and their spouses! How magical?!!?! Making many memories together, already have lived in two apartments, having two cats, and now two kids! They tied the knot on June 19th, 2021 on a hot summer day! So far their life has been a little of a rollercoaster, but they wouldn’t have it any other way. You could see the love in their eyes that day, that they held for each other. Truly blessed to be the one to capture their day and get the opportunity to tell everyone their story!

Ashley and Joseph June Wedding

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