Spring time in most states is when the grass starts to get greener, the trees start to get their leaves back, and the flowers are blooming. Spring in Ohio most of the time still looks like winter, and for Tyler and Kelly’s wedding, that was still the case.

After knowing each other most of their lives, with meeting each other and becoming close friends in the 8th grade. It was then that their friendship began. Later in the 11th grade, they became best friends, and from there their relationship deepened and they fell madly in love with each other. Just like in all the good romances, friends became best friends, then soul mates.

Tyler popped the question to Kelly on their 6th year anniversary, April 23, 2015. How cute! Tyler and Kelly both agreed that it would be perfect to have their wedding on that same date, one year later on their 7th year anniversary (queue awwws). They decided to forgo the huge wedding with a big venue, a party DJ, and tons of people that they only see at weddings. With both deciding that they wanted a small, intimate wedding that included just them, there close family, and a couple friends.

Even though they decided to not have a huge party, they still got to have everything that they dreamed of. The morning started with them getting ready together, eating breakfast, and watching TV. It was important to them to get ready together and be with each other all day.

Tyler and Kelly got married at a cabin in the woods, surrounded by their close family and friends. About 20 people were in attendance, but it was all they needed to have the perfect day. They both decided to have a little ceremony done by Tyler’s close aunt. Afterwards, we got to explore the woods for some bridal portraits and some family photos that they wanted. Once the sun had set, we headed back into the cabin for some yummy Mexican food and cake!! Kelly and Tyler decided to still do a cake cutting and speeches but forego the first dance. It was the perfect ending to the most perfect spring day!

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